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Rethinking Logistics

Over the years, Vos Logistics has evolved into an innovative logistics provider. This would not have been possible without state of the art information technology across business process engineering, application management, software development, infrastructure and security. Vos Logistics realises that Digital Transformation is key in order to remain competitive within traditional markets as well as become competitive with disruptors that are entering the logistics market.


Behind our trucks and warehouse locations, a team of over 40 IT professionals supports the operational teams in their daily tasks and enables process optimization activities in order to simplify processes and save time and money for our clients. At Vos Logistics, we cooperate closely to achieve innovation, often in multidisciplinary teams with our clients.


IT is the backbone of our services

Based in the Netherlands, Romania and Poland, our IT team utilizes cutting edge technologies; we don’t simply rely on “off the shelf” solutions. If the available products don’t fit the needs of our clients, we simply develop a bespoke solution ourselves. That’s why you will find several complex and advanced applications integrated into our Vos Logistics environment.


Our IT team constantly focuses on improving business processes and incorporates best in market software such as Blujay, Coda, Transform, M-files, Niklas and Qlik Sense. We take pride in Lovos, a tailor-made transport management system, that has been developed and is continuously improved by our own software development team.


To make sure all processes, operations and applications are running smoothly and continuously, we rely on our own IT specialists in application management, business process engineering, software development, business intelligence, infrastructure, network and security. No bridge is too far and nothing is impossible; they simply make it happen!.


We engineer the future

Our team members work all over the place; wherever they are needed and are continuously working to simplify processes. Their aim is to find innovative ways to manage our clients logistical challenges.


They team up with clients, project managers and subject matter experts from within the operational business to improve processes and to implement new services and solutions. The success of this team lies in their expert knowledge, skills and drive to seek potential improvements.

This is what you can expect:
Challenging projects
Focus on innovation
International team
An advanced technology environment
Freedom to implement new ideas
"We optimize complex processes until they become simplified processes."
Meet some of our colleagues
"Our economy is built on logistics. And our logistics are built on innovation in IT."
"We optimize complex processes until they become simplified processes."
"We practice a policy of safety first, second and third."
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Engineering & IT
Oss, The Netherlands
Engineering & IT
Oss, The Netherlands