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Finance and Business Support vacancies



Most people recognize Vos Logistics as a market-leading international logistics company with thousands of trucks and trailers transporting goods all over Europe. Beyond our transport & logistics expertise there is also a smooth-running and very advanced Finance- and Business Support operation.


All the professionals in this operation work together with plenty of room for everyone to show initiative and to grow. As part of the team, we will challenge you to innovate, simplify and improve processes for yourself, your colleagues and our clients. Quite simply, if you have a good idea, we’ll take it on board. Because at Vos Logistics, we are focused on the future and the only way to shape that future is through a spirit of continuous improvement and innovation.


Business Support

Business Support incorporates a wide range of roles that help our logistics experts focus on delivering outstanding and simplified processes for our customers. From HR and Recruitment through to Procurement, (QESH) and many other essential tasks, our professionals in Business Support create the conditions that help everyone at Vos Logistics to perform to their full potential.



Vos Logistics operates a sophisticated and comprehensive finance operation which ensures the ongoing financial health of the organization. Our highly skilled finance professionals are given the space and opportunities to perform to their full potential while developing their talents across a range of specialized roles in financial control, treasury, credit management etc.

This is what you can expect:
International team
Advanced systems
Opportunities for training and growth
Innovation and inspiration
"At Vos Logistics we share ideas. And stroopwafels."
Meet some of our colleagues
"Our economy is built on logistics. And our logistics are built on innovation in IT."
"We optimize complex processes until they become simplified processes."
"We practice a policy of safety first, second and third."