Dreaming of a job behind the wheel?

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Become a driver


Vos Logistics offers everything you need to start your career as a professional driver. That means expert guidance and training programs. And after obtaining all the licenses and certificates you will become a fully-fledged Vos Logistics driver – part of a stable, forward thinking organization with a modern fleet and flexible work schedules.


We offer different programs for becoming a driver in different countries:


The Netherlands

Start your career as a truck driver by obtaining your license through a program offered by Vos Logistics in the Netherlands. You can enter a “BBL program” that combines four days of work and one day of school. Successful completion of this program leads to an official certificate, all necessary driving licenses and papers, and a guaranteed permanent job with Vos Logistics. During the “BBL program” you will receive an attractive salary with a savings scheme and a substantial discount on driving lessons.


We also make it possible to become a driver if you have work experience in any another profession. If you have the right drive and ambition, we will support you in obtaining (additional) driving licenses, certificates and diplomas.



In Poland Vos Logistics offers specific programs for people with different types of driving experience. We believe that anyone with ambition can become a truck driver and if you display a talent for driving in our initial tests, you can join one of the programs.


If you are a licensed but inexperienced truck driver (C+E license) you can start with an onboarding program. For several weeks you will travel with an experienced mentor in a truck. After finishing this initial training program you can start to work as an independent driver.


Alternatively, if you hold a driving license B and you dream of being a truck driver you can acquire your professional driving license through Vos Logistics’ own (commercial) driving school in Radomsko. We enable you to obtain your C+E license at a price that is substantially lower than the market price. Having earned your C+E license and successfully completed our recruitment process, you will be offered an employment contract. You will then join our ‘on the road’ onboarding program under the guidance of an experienced drivers’ mentor.



In Romania, you can start your career as a driver by entering in one of the local dedicated programs which are designed to encourage young professionals development.


Vos Logistics developed an educational program for young and motivated people by collaborating closely with two important driving schools. If you want to become a driver, our company will pay you the entire driving school tuition costs. In exchange, we expect you to commit to be hired in our company upon obtaining the driving license and all associated certificates.


For beginner drivers, Vos Logistics Romania is offering a Mentorship Program. This consist in providing the opportunity for new unexperienced employees to work for several weeks closely with an experienced truck driver and mentor in a truck. If you just obtained your driving licenses and certificates you will have the possibility to learn all about the job and gain confidence as you become an International truck driver.


So, if you have the right initiative and enthusiasm in following a truck driver career, Vos Logistics Romania will offer you financial and professional support.

This is what you can expect:
Expert training
Friendly and open spirit
Secure and rewarding career
Attractive learning conditions
"It is great to be appreciated for being the driving force behind Vos Logistics' services."
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"Our economy is built on logistics. And our logistics are built on innovation in IT."
"We optimize complex processes until they become simplified processes."
"We practice a policy of safety first, second and third."