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Operations & Service vacancies


Joining our teams of Operations & Service professionals means that our clients will be relying on you. Our teams are the heart, eyes and ears of the operation. We all take care of our clients in the best way, just as we take care of our drivers and warehouse colleagues in the best way.


This work area covers Transport Planners, Logistics Planners, Fleet Managers, Customer Service Specialists among others. Collaboration and communication skills are key as you interact with a wide range of high profile customers and expert colleagues. Keeping a clear head and being able to improvise, while acting swiftly and effectively will ensure that we can keep our promises to our customers and colleagues. Nothing beats exceeding our customers’ expectations while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your colleagues.


Together with your colleagues, you will handle our daily operations while constantly coordinating with drivers and clients. At the same time, you will work on continuously improving the way we work, thinking of ways to optimise and simplify processes and finding new ways of doing things better tomorrow.

This is what you can expect:
Multidisciplinary collaboration
Quality-driven workplace
International teamwork
Opportunities to grow and innovate
Fast-moving environment
"We aim to keep our drivers and their families as happy as our clients."
Meet some of our colleagues
"Our economy is built on logistics. And our logistics are built on innovation in IT."
"We optimize complex processes until they become simplified processes."
"We practice a policy of safety first, second and third."