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Transport & Logistics is a future-focused sector that offers exciting career prospects. And if you’re passionate about one of our work areas, Vos Logistics is a great place for starters to kick off their career. We are always looking out for recent graduates who can help us to create the future.


You’ll become part of an open and innovative environment in which you’re able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during your education. We welcome your ideas and energy and you’ll be given real opportunities to shine.


We also invest in your talent development via training programs and expert professional guidance and support. Your career starts here!

This is what you can expect:
Welcoming and open spirit
International team
Focus on innovation
Great career launch pad
Talent development
"At Vos Logistics the employees make the difference."
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"Our economy is built on logistics. And our logistics are built on innovation in IT."
"We optimize complex processes until they become simplified processes."
"We practice a policy of safety first, second and third."