The Power of a Shared Network

One Team. One Vos.

In today’s world, logistics has to become smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. To achieve this, Vos Logistics uses the biggest brain available: our network. Our vast network of trucks, people, warehouses, systems and clients. All connected working as one, doing one simple, yet highly potent thing: sharing.

How we tackle the challenge

By bundling our strengths, we believe that we can get yet a step closer to becoming faster, better, cheaper and more sustainable.

But in order to get there, we need all of you. As One Team, One Vos, we aim for joint successes on different levels: internally, externally, personally and operationally. As a company with great people and great aspirations, we have so much to offer to our stakeholders. From knowledge, ideas, and resources to competences… and much more. Let’s share our assets and become stronger. Together.



What makes our shared network so strong?

By sharing our network, our stakeholders can benefit from:

  • innovative solutions
  • bigger steps in developments in the area of sustainability
  • lower costs
  • greater efficiency
  • flexibility

Let’s inspire each other!


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Meet some of our colleagues
"We don’t have weekly movie nights, or bouncy castles. But we do work on challenging projects with an international team."
"When you know about truck driving, you know that Vos Logistics is a good place to work.”
"Naturally, we are exploring the use of alternative fuels."