Everything we do at Vos Logistics is built on our five Values of Service:


1. Safety First. Proactive awareness at all times.

Always and everywhere, preventative safety is our motto. It means that everyone has to act responsibly and proactively with regard to their own safety and that of others. We aim for zero incidents. Not just on the road, but in the warehouse, the workshop, the office and at customer sites. This demands a relentless and detailed awareness of possible risks and the consequences they might have for our business. Safety First, Second and Third.

2. Customers Care. Beyond the expected.

Our ultimate objective is to find innovative and excellent solutions that enable our customers to succeed. This can only be achieved by embodying a new level of commitment and looking at the world from their point of view. Thus we communicate proactively, sharing our knowledge and best practices. We are responsive and transparent in our response to suggestions and criticism. We earn their trust.

3. Professional excellence. Challenging ourselves.

To retain our leadership in transport and logistics, we constantly examine and improve our working methods and delivery. We earn our position through innovation, education and customer service. Our commitment to performance always shines. We anticipate the future needs of our customers. We never stop challenging each other in our quest for superior outcomes.

4. Environment. Towards more sustainable logistics

We are responsible for promoting a clean and efficient supply chain. That means investing in sustainable logistics and relationships both now and for the future. Our eco-safe logistics and business excellence programme is successfully reducing our carbon footprint year after year. We recruit and retain people who share this commitment to the interests of stakeholders and society. Thriving comes from caring.

5. Responsive. Forward thinking and ready for anything.

Customer expectations and business dynamics are constantly changing. So we have to be ultra-flexible while remaining on course. This demands an ability to foresee and prepare for both challenges and opportunities. To stay ahead of the game by reacting and adapting so that we are ready for anything in a fast-moving business environment.


Ethical Code

We act in accordance with our Values Of Service and ethical principles. To provide our organization and our suppliers with specific guidelines on how to act, we have introduced the Vos Logistics Ethical Code, which contains ethical principles and explains what we expect from our organization and our suppliers.