In our warehouses teamwork is written in capital letters

A diverse and dynamic environment 

Warehouse vacancies


In our warehouses, everyone works together to get the job done in a positive atmosphere. As one of the team, you will enjoy a wide variety of work using modern tools and technology in a company where safety is a priority. We also value your ideas. So, if you think of a better, quicker, simpler or safer way to do things, we’ll always be open to your suggestions.


We offer a range of attractive employee benefits. And there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to work schedules. So if you need certain days or times off, we’ll try to adapt your working hours to fit your life. Above all, we would like to help you to continue learning and developing your skills and career. Because we know that if you get smarter and better, so will Vos Logistics.

This is what you can expect:
You choose the work schedule that fits you best
We help you to get the most out of your career
We have fun working together in a great team of positive people
"The warehouse is totally full… of great people."
Meet some of our colleagues
"Our economy is built on logistics. And our logistics are built on innovation in IT."
"We optimize complex processes until they become simplified processes."
"We practice a policy of safety first, second and third."